Chemainus Ultimate Guide a community resource

Chemainus Ultimate Guide a community resource

Locals and tourists alike count on it for information year-round

The latest edition of the Chemainus and Area Ultimate Resource Guide will soon be published, with some businesses and organizations opting not to be included this year.

Truthfully, that’s quite bewildering.

Some people making that decision might not realize this resource guide receives year-round exposure and distribution to tourists and the local population as well.

Those who’ve decided to pass on it are shooting themselves in the foot. For a minimal cost, it definitely brings the biggest bang for the buck because it is constantly in use.

The Business Directory at the front is followed by listings for the Chemainus schools, churches, service clubs, community and business organizations. Complementing the listings are advertising feature pages for accommodation, health and wellness, Chemainus Village Square, seniors, favourite eateries, beauty and fitness, technology, antiques and collectibles, financial and real estate, services and more for people seeking information on those specific areas.

Not having a presence will create a needle in a haystack situation for customers. They might not find you unless they know about you already and that eliminates many visitors coming into town.

Publisher Warren Goulding summed it up very well in last year’s introductory column within the guide.

“It is a tourist guide and also a community resource guide,” he noted. The businesses represented are also “the ones who are thoroughly invested in the community, anxious to serve the folks who live in the area as well as the visitors who make their way to Chemainus by the thousands every year.”

We’d call that good business.