Chemainus Health Care Auxiliary truly a community gem

Chemainus Health Care Auxiliary truly a community gem

Members pour out their hearts to making a difference that pays big dividends

It’s been said many times before, but definitely bears repeating.

This community, and indeed all of the Cowichan Valley, is fortunate to have the Chemainus Health Care Auxiliary in its midst.

The group’s annual Christmas luncheon and installation Saturday is a time to reflect on all the auxiliary has done with its amazing fundraising capacity made possible from the Thrift Shop.

It’s hard to believe the latest big cheque for $100,000 presented to Cowichan Hospice is just a drop in the bucket of what the auxiliary provides in the region.

The ladies (and a few gentlemen) who have committed themselves for so long to the running of the Thrift Shop are to be commended for displaying such dedication that has benefited so many worthy causes.

Christa Fox of the Hospice Society had a hard time holding back the tears when the auxiliary brought out its cheque that will go toward the building of a new hospice facility at Cairnsmore Place in Duncan.

Auxiliary members should be proud of what they’ve done and will continue to do because of their efforts. They give their time willingly and tirelessly, and what results from that is truly amazing.

President Joan Kerr made an interesting comparison with the expected yields of most merchants per square foot of retail space. The dollar figure most try to achieve, according to Kerr, is about $40 a square foot. The Health Care Auxiliary Thrift Shop brings in a whopping $137.85 per square foot.

The great thing is that gets turned over to organizations and projects for the betterment of our health care system, both now and in the long run through money invested in our students from bursaries and scholarships.