Carbon tax won’t save us

Also, I suspect that some wildfires are started deliberately by deep state stooges.

Carbon tax won’t save us

Carbon tax won’t save us

Laura Sacks is “feeling increasingly anxious about climate change” after this summer’s wildfires and “disturbed” that other letter writers “dismiss the integrity of B.C.’s carbon tax.”

To begin with, carbon is a key component of all known life on Earth, so it is NOT the bogeyman. Secondly, carbon dioxide does NOT pollute. In fact, it promotes vegetation and satellite images show it has had a greening effect on the planet in recent years. Finally, ice core samples reveal much higher levels of CO2 in the past, when presumably humans were NOT driving fossil fueled vehicles.

If we REALLY want to “get serious about solving the climate crisis” we must reject the global warming hoax and start preparing for global cooling instead. Carbon tax will not save “our children and grandchildren” from the coming ice age.

I watched a news clip of Trump being asked about the wildfires ravaging the west coast. He said the fires were caused by poor forestry practices that left slash lying about and NOT global warming. Then a couple of so-called forestry experts were interviewed and behaved as though Trump had just said the craziest thing in the world. But I’ve heard the exact same explanation from local foresters.

Years ago, clear-cutting was standard practice and the slash piles were burnt off when the fall rains started. Then, selective logging was introduced and slash was left to decompose as mulch and fertilizer for the new seedlings. But slash is also known as “ladder fuel,” because once ignited, it helps the flames to “climb” up into the treetops.

Also, I suspect that some wildfires are started deliberately by deep state stooges. One goal of the UN’s Agenda 21 is to “relocate” populations from rural areas to “smart cities” by 2030 and strategically placed cigarette butts would certainly help to achieve that objective. As “they” say, “Never let a crisis go to waste.”

Personally, I am becoming increasingly anxious and disturbed that that so many “sheeple” have swallowed the globalists’ agenda, hook, line and sinker. If we don’t “wake up and smell the coffins” soon, it WILL be “game over.”

David Work

Lake Cowichan