Letter to the editor.

Car battery replacement not cost effective

This can’t exactly be considered a benefit for an electric car purchase

Why is it that our politicians are harping 24/7 for people to buy electric cars without mentioning about the cost of buying a new electric battery when the time comes to replace the electric car battery.

Most manufacturers offer an eight-year warranty on electric car batteries.

A good example is to look at the Nissan Leaf, an electric battery car. A new electric battery for this car will cost $5,500.

However, on the other side of the spectrum, things would be eye watering when it comes to replacing an electric battery on an electric Chevy Bolt car. A new electric battery for a Chevy Bolt will cost you $15,000.

Come on politicians, also mention the cons associated with the purchasing of an electric car in regards to battery life.

As the way it is today, with high costs on everything, buying a new electric car battery might mean a trip to the bank to obtain a short term loan to cover the cost of a new electric battery.

Bosch car batteries cost between $170 and $350 and Duralex batteries cost between $161 and $206 for gasoline operated vehicles.

Replacing the Chevy Bolt electric battery is 4,000 per cent higher than spending $350 on a Duralex battery for a gasoline operated car.


Joe Sawchuk,


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