Bad drivers should pay more for insurance

Bad drivers should pay more for insurance

It’s time to make driving records count more toward rates

Let’s face it: there are a lot of really bad drivers in this region.

Distracted driving, eating, smoking and who knows what else in the car, improper lane changes, speeding are all rampant.

The threat of huge increases forthcoming from the Insurance Corporation of B.C. are bringing all these incidents to light again. The time has finally come to make the worst offenders pay more and the provincial government’s recent announcement to crack down on distracted driving offences related to cell phones and other devices with costlier fines is a great first step.

But it needs to go further. Why should all of us pay more when the idiots causing our insurance rates to rise are not?

And recent observances on the Trans Canada Highway in the Chemainus area indicate drivers aren’t exactly taking precautions to avoid accidents.

The stretch of roadway from the Cowichan Exhibition Grounds to Henry Road is almost always clogged and vehicles can be seen weaving in and out of traffic. It doesn’t seem to matter what the weather conditions are like – sunny and dry, downpours of rain and snow all seen during the past two weeks – the habits are the same.

There is pooling water in many spots emanating from the highway barriers and yet drivers don’t slow down, causing huge gushers of water to surge into the air like a wake from a motorboat.

Does anyone really think all the traffic is going to suddenly disappear and open a clear path? And when you get going, there’s always another traffic light just ahead so might as well stay within the speed limit and keep everybody safe.