Students at Chemainus Secondary School are back in class. (Photo by Don Bodger)

Students at Chemainus Secondary School are back in class. (Photo by Don Bodger)

Back to School brings optimism

Changes mainly for the better creating the ideal situation

Back to School is almost a season in itself, bringing change not unlike the normal start of spring, summer, fall and winter.

In one sense, for many, this is more like the official switchover from summer to autumn than the actual date in two weeks.

The school situation in Chemainus and Crofton has never been brighter, other than the unfortunate sudden demise of St. Joseph’s School.

There are an abundance of students, particularly at the elementary level, that bodes well for the future. This is not just a retirement area because many young families are also living in our midst.

Educational opportunities have also never been greater for our students. They are receiving exposure to resources and materials that simply weren’t available to the same extent for previous generations.

Students leaving our schools are becoming better prepared for what lies ahead than ever before.

The quality of the teaching and leadership in our schools is second to none. And the legislation that restored teaching levels has resulted in more hirings and simply a better all-around atmosphere with class sizes and learning opportunities.

Revamped programs such as the Grade 8s having the same two main academic teachers at Chemainus Secondary School the entire year is a positive move.

There are also several opportunities for the community to get involved in our schools, regardless whether residents have children or grandchildren going there. Schools often seek public support for plays, art shows and sports events and need people to volunteer for various causes so interested persons simply need to stay tuned for that information.

And don’t forget with the kids back in school this week we’re also back into lower weekday speed limits throughout the region. Everyone is urged to use caution when driving in those areas anyway and be aware at all times to avoid any unnecessary mishaps from occurring.

It should be a great year at our schools and we can expect some wonderful developments from our young people in so many capacities.