Anti-pipeline activists are hypocrites

Anti-pipeline activists are hypocrites

Rhetoric needs to end and we must get on with building Trans Mountain

I’m responding to someone’s submission in an earlier opinion piece. This anti-pipeline rhetoric needs to end and we need to build Trans Mountain.

These anti-pipeline activists need to face facts. Canada is a nation of 35 million people and we are not creating a big carbon imprint compared to some countries. We need pipelines to transport oil safely. And we hear from activists, “Oh we need to end use of fossil fuels.” OK, so then how are we going to pay for infrastructure, our health care, our education, social programs, pensions, etc.?

And also if you’re considering going away from fossil fuels like you say, why don’t you lead by example and get rid of your phone, your laptop, your PS4, your TV, car, and don’t you even think about riding the bus and/or calling a cab. It’s not just our cars and our furnace and stoves that are powered by fossil fuels. It is everything we use. It is completely impossible to avoid it.

Jake Tupper

Mill Bay