Joseph Enslow is running for North Cowichan council. (Submitted)

Joseph Enslow is running for North Cowichan council. (Submitted)

Joseph Enslow shares ideas as he seeks council seat in North Cowichan

There are total of 15 candidiates for North Cowichan’s council

Joseph Enslow is looking for support in his run for a seat at the table on North Cowichan’s council.

He said he is both delighted and honoured to run for council in the municipal elections on Oct. 15

“My primary reason to run is to represent the working class citizens in North Cowichan,” Enslow said.

“I am a father of three, a small business owner, and have a full-time career. I’m no stranger to time management and working under the pressure of deadlines as well as family responsibilities.”

Enslow said his primary focus is to tackle the most pressing issues that require immediate attention.

He said housing is a top priority as having a safe and secure roof over people’s heads is fundamental to a great community.

“I want to see our community grow in a way that respects our wonderful landscape,” he said.

“Small businesses are a keystone to the Valley, we need to ensure the legacy we leave includes from the ground up businesses that built and supported Cowichan.”

Enslow said he will also ensure North Cowichan’s upcoming 2030/2050 plan accounts for the community’s thinking, innovation, and way of life.

“I will fight to ensure we are not sold on plans that do not benefit the Valley or the residents who wish to live, work, and retire here,” he said.

“North Cowichan is a unique community built from smaller communities. Common sense solutions, common sense goals, sometimes things are that simple. We have a lot of work to do and plenty of heart to do it.’

Enslow encourages citizens to get out and vote to protect the Valley, support the working class, and ensure future generations have something to build upon, not recover from.

While they say they are not officially a slate, Enslow is sharing a website ( and other resources with fellow candidates Chris Shaw and Adrienne Richards.

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