The City of Duncan’s updated smoking bylaw bans smoking in more public places. (File photo)

The City of Duncan’s updated smoking bylaw bans smoking in more public places. (File photo)

Duncan extends smoking bans in public places

Fines for offences could range from $100 to $400

Smoking any kind of substance within six metres of windows, doorways and air intakes in public buildings in Duncan is no longer allowed, and offenders could soon receive a $100 fine.

Council gave the fourth and final reading to its amended smoking bylaw on Aug. 20 that increased the distance that people are not allowed to smoke from three to six metres around openings in public buildings.

The amended bylaw also extends the city’s smoke-free zones in outdoor public spaces to include parks, playgrounds, playing fields, public squares, and public-water frontage.


Smoking in enclosed spaces, transit shelters, the common areas of buildings and public facilities has already been banned since 2012.

Council updated Duncan’s smoking bylaw mainly to address vaping, e-cigarettes and other smoking materials, including marijuana when it’s legalized, in public places as well as tobacco.

Council also gave the first three readings on Aug. 20 to a related bylaw outlining the allowable fines bylaw officers are able to hand out to those who break the rules of the smoking bylaw.

If the bylaw passes final reading at council’s next meeting on Sept. 17, the fines will be $100, or $125 if not paid on time, which is the same as the old bylaw.

Anyone unfortunate enough to obstruct bylaw officers while enforcing the bylaw could receive a $400 fine, which goes up to a hefty $475 if not paid on time.

But a staff report on the issue states that, as with the city’s old smoking bylaw, enforcement of the new rules is not anticipated to be significant as staff primarily act on complaints.

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