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Choose your carts and shape your service

North Cowichan’s new curbside collection begins in 2025

A significant change is coming to North Cowichan’s curbside collection service, and plans are underway for the new automated system that begins in 2025.

The new system will feature state-of-the-art trucks – including one electric truck – equipped with mechanical arms to lift and empty special carts. Part of the change includes the addition of yard waste collection in addition to kitchen waste.

Every household will receive two new carts – one for garbage (black) and one for organics/yard waste (green). By default, each cart will have an 80-litre capacity, similar to the current garbage can size limit. One size doesn’t always fit all so residents are being offered the opportunity to select larger carts to better suit their needs.

Residents have the option to increase cart size from the standard 80 litre to either 120 litres or 240 litres. Larger carts will incur higher annual fees due to the increased volume of waste.

It’s essential to make selections by March 1, 2024. Ordering the carts now ensures they are delivered and distributed in time for the 2025 launch.

Larger carts can be selected online by going to; in-person by dropping off an informational postcard – coming to property owners’ mailboxes soon – at the Municipal Hall, Cowichan Aquatic Centre or Fuller Lake Arena; or by phoning 250-746-3106.

Larger carts will still be available in limited numbers after the new service is introduced in 2025, and residents can change to larger or smaller carts, with an additional administrative fee. Timing has not yet been determined and will depend on cart supply.

Recycling collection is currently contracted to Waste Collections and that service will continue until the contract expires and the service is reviewed. If it is decided to include recycling as part of the automated collection service, this would not happen until 2026 at the earliest.