We need rail bed for commuters and freight

Such truck trains belong on a rail bed, not on the TCH.

  • Aug 17th, 2018

Pesticides on school fields dangerous, unnecessary

Shame on those who think this is a good idea.

  • Aug 17th, 2018

Bill for new hospital scary amount of money

Why is this looking a little like the Island rail fiasco

  • Aug 16th, 2018

Proposed building could help cover everthing

Perhaps you may have overlooked the proposed building at the Sooke Lake Road and Shawnigan Lake Road

  • Aug 15th, 2018

Be considerate of shift workers

The safe and healthy functioning of their community relies heavily on first responders.

  • Aug 15th, 2018

Affordable housing money must mean cut somewhere else

We are already battered by the demands of local and regional councils

  • Aug 17th, 2018
Can't erase history by tearing down statues: McKenna
Toronto gets $25 million from Ontario to fight gun violence
Getting closer to pot-based medical products for pets
Dolphin rescue on Vancouver Island

Affordable housing tax asking for leap of faith

On one hand I thought this was a decent and unique thing to do

  • Aug 17th, 2018

Pipeline would add only one ship per day

I worked in the tugboat industry for Seaspan International for almost 20 years.

  • Aug 15th, 2018

LETTERS: Doctors speak out on surgical wait times for B.C. patients

‘Governments know they will lose private clinic lawsuit’

  • Aug 15th, 2018

More than 60 protesters greeted Trudeau

We challenged Trudeau’s determination to twin the Trans Mountain pipeline

  • Aug 15th, 2018

It’s easy to “dump” on Trump, but what solutions do the haters offer?

“You can’t trust anything politicians or the media say.”

  • Aug 15th, 2018

Lost bracelet safe and sound at Scarlett’s

I noticed that I had lost my 22k gold bracelet.

  • Aug 14th, 2018

Treatment at CDH excellent

I had a prompt ultrasound and both doctors and nurses and their aides were kind and caring

  • Aug 14th, 2018

We are doing ourselves in with things like fracking

They do not know how dangerous is because of the gas, methane gas.

  • Aug 14th, 2018

Lake pickleball tournament well done

We had a wonderful weekend and definitely hope to be back

  • Aug 14th, 2018

LETTER: Sir John A. Macdonald’s role in residential schools

Canada’s first prime minister was progressive for his time

  • Aug 9th, 2018

Anti-pipeline activists are hypocrites

Rhetoric needs to end and we must get on with building Trans Mountain

  • Aug 11th, 2018

Changes needed to cut down dangerous driving

I must say that B.C. has the worst traffic

  • Aug 10th, 2018

Medical situation on Island deplorable

Federal assistance needed to ease increasing pressure on B.C.

Cowichan in last place in consideration for infrastructure

It’s no wonder that local politicians that bark and bark often get results