Zoning bylaw amendments made on secondary suites

Zoning bylaw amendments made on secondary suites

About 2,300 properties within North Cowichan will be affected

North Cowichan council approved three development projects at its Dec. 6 meeting that could provide up to 326 new residential units. Council also adopted amendments to the Zoning Bylaw to allow attached secondary suites on about 2,300 properties.

“Housing availability and affordability is an issue across the province,” noted North Cowichan Mayo Jon Lefebure. “All levels of government are grappling with the increasing demand for affordable housing types. These projects and zoning changes enable the creation of hundreds of new housing units for Cowichan residents.

We are grateful and excited to see the increase in applications for multi-family development projects in North Cowichan. We hear from residents on a regular basis about how difficult it is to find housing for themselves or their children, and approving these projects is a significant step towards diversifying our housing stock.”

Now that zoning changes have been approved by Council, the project proponents can proceed to seek development and building permits with the Municipality.

The projects are all in Duncan region and include: 112 units at 6472 Paddle Rd.; 195 units at 2974 Green Rd. and 19 units at 3248 Sherman Rd.

The Secondary Suites Zoning Bylaw Amendment allows attached secondary suites in the Residential Restricted (R2) and Residential Restricted Properties (R2-A) and Cliffs Comprehensive Development (CD1) zones, and reduces the minimum parcel area for a secondary suite in the Residential One and Two-Family (R3) zone from 650m2 to 450m2.

These changes affect about 2,300 properties within the Municipality’s urban containment boundary.