Susan Myers’ statue has great sentimental value. (Photo submitted)

Susan Myers’ statue has great sentimental value. (Photo submitted)

Theft of concrete statue distressing to Chemainus woman

Numerous incidents have people talking about establishing more Block Watch neighbourhoods

Sticky-fingered thieves in Chemainus aren’t just sweating the small stuff.

They’re also eluding the long arm of the law while loading up their arms to carry out larger and heavier items from private property.

Susan Myers, who lives on Chemainus Road, said she was hit for a second time recently when someone stole a concrete statue of a female looking downwards that has great sentimental value.

“It just feels like Chemainus is under siege right now,” she said.

“I’ve been hit twice in the last three weeks. It’s really sad. It’s such a beautiful spot here.”

The theft occurred in the early morning hours, around 4:30, last Tuesday, Aug. 14.

“I heard a vehicle drive up and she (the statue) was gone,” said Myers.

“She means a lot to me. She is about 20 inches high and very heavy.”

She’s asking anyone who may have seen the statue or heard of anyone trying to sell it to let her know. The North Cowichan/Duncan RCMP were informed and also put out a news release last Wednesday, seeking the return of the statue.

Myers posted the incident on the Chemainus Shoutouts Facebook page to get the word out about the incident.

“This lady came from England and is very precious to me,” she explained. “I’ve had her near on 35 years. She’s been on my step at most of my homes without issue, until now. I hope she is returned.”

Myers also heard from many other residents who have experienced thefts from their properties during the summer.

Myers acknowledged the RCMP are doing the best they can, but feels there needs to be a movement toward establishing more Block Watch neighbourhoods in Chemainus, similar to what Crofton is doing now.

“You have to claim back your community,” she indicated.

Anyone with information about the theft of this statue or other incidents is urged to contact the North Cowichan/Duncan RCMP at 250-748-5522.