Earthquake preparedness the topic for Jan. 12 presentation

Earthquake preparedness the topic for Jan. 12 presentation

Chemainus United Church Outreach continues its series on important issues

Chemainus United Church, as part of its Outreach Program, sponsors many events that are important to the community.

Following lectures on global warming and its effects in October and November, a presentation on earthquakes and preparedness is set for Jan. 12 at 7 p.m. at the Chemainus United Church, 9814 Willow St.

Earthquakes of Coastal B.C. will be presented by Alison Bird, Earthquake Seismologist, Natural Resources Canada. Her lecture will cover plate tectonics of our region, past regional earthquakes and what to expect if a major one hits the region.

Preparedness and You will be presented by Sybille Sanderson, Emergency Program Coordinator for the Cowichan Valley Regional District. Sanderson’s presentation will emphasize safety, how to prepare yourself, how to prepare your home, and neighbourhood self help.

Attendees are asked for donations of non-perishable food Items for the Harvest House Food Bank.

The previous lectures featured climatologist Geoff Strong. He concluded the series by stating that “global warming is recognized by scientists as the greatest risk ever facing mankind. It is imperative that everyone understand a little about how Earth systems are designed to restore equilibrium under natural conditions, and how we have inadvertently completely disturbed the net solar radiation and heat balance on Earth. Like a vehicle with a punctured radiator, Earth is slowly overheating, and eventually something will give way, and we won’t like it.”

The series culminated in a panel discussion on current and future effects of global warming on our region and major industries.

”Both the Fraser River and the Strait of Georgia have warmed about a degree and one half C over the past 65 years and there is some certainty that the there will be at least the same amount of warming by 2050,” noted oceanographer Richard Beamish. “In addition to the warming, there are other changes that will affect the freshwater and ocean ecosystems. Our science tells us that this will occur no matter what we do now to reduce greenhouse gases. Fish and the ecosystem will be affected and the public needs to become involved in stewardship.”

Jon Lefebure, Chair of the CVRD, added his thanks to the Chemainus United Church for sponsoring a very worthwhile series on the critical issue of global warming.

”Our response now to reducing greenhouse gas emissions will determine the future faced by our children and grandchildren,” he indicated.

Nanaimo-North Cowichan MLA Doug Routley outlined local and provincial responses to the emerging crisis due to global warming. Forest ecologist Erik Piikkila described the substantial impact on our forests.

John Silins, CUC Outreach, invited the audience to participate in possible follow-up actions and many agreed.

The next meeting of the group is Tuesday, Jan. 9 at 7 p.m. at the Chemainus United Church. Other interested persons are welcome.