Dry August follows July weather trend in Chemainus

Dry August follows July weather trend in Chemainus

Only 3.4 millimetres of precipitation recorded during the two months

The total rainfall for July and August in the Chemainus Valley was hardly a drop in the bucket.

July’s meagre 0.7 millimetre total was followed by a mere 2.7 mm in August for a combined 3.4 mm over that 62-day period.

“The rainfall was way below normal for the second month in a row,” noted Chemainus weather observer Chris Carss.

The normal for August alone is 36.2 mm.

And just one day in August produced any rain. There’s usually eight days of rainfall during the month.

The mean maximum temperature for August was 26.1 Celsius, well above the normal of 23.7 C. The mean minimum was also above normal at 15.7 C compared to 14.2 C.

The extreme maximum of 31.5 C occurred on Aug 3, with a peak Humidex of 36 C. The extreme minimum of 11.5 C happened on Aug 24.

“August was generally sunny with mostly above normal temperatures, especially during the first few days of the month,” observed Carss.

“The first 11 days saw the sky filled with smoke originating from wildfires on the mainland that were caused by the widespread drought. However, the sun managed to shine through most of the smoke and keep temperatures above normal until the wind shifted and blew the smoke away.”

Total days of partly or mostly clear and sunny weather amounted to eight. Another 12 days had sun and smoky skies combined.

The total of 20 days with sun was almost right on the normal of 19. Of the 11 remaining cloudy days, just the one produced any measurable rain.