Crofton surveys need to be submitted to the Municipality of North Cowichan ASAP

Crofton surveys need to be submitted to the Municipality of North Cowichan ASAP

No deadline originally set for feedback on downtown revitalization features

Survey says…..

Unlike Family Feud, we don’t know what this survey is going to say. It’s up to Crofton residents.

The Municipality of North Cowichan decided to conduct a survey following downtown revitalization work in Crofton and is asking for feedback from residents and business owners. No deadline was set for the surveys to be returned, but Councillor Joyce Behnsen is urging residents to get them into the North Cowichan Municipal office now.

A report on the findings will be presented around mid-November so it would be a good idea for people interested in having their voices heard to complete the surveys right away.

“My understanding from speaking to staff is this is the first time they’ve done this type of survey,” said Behnsen.

It was actually at her insistence that the survey was circulated in the first place.

“It came as a result of my requesting information,” Behnsen indicated.

“This is a great opportunity and I hope people will take good advantage of it.”

Only about 100 surveys had been returned at last count. “Let’s get a very good response,” urged Behnsen.

The Municipality and residents worked together in 2014-15 on developing a Local Area Plan for Crofton.

Downtown revitalization kicked off with a major capital works project from March 2016 to June of this year that included: redesigning the road and parking lot layout for Joan Avenue; new sidewalks on Queen Street and Joan Avenue; installation of a new water main and storm main; and beautification of public spaces through landscaping and installation of street furniture and lighting.

Behnsen has been questioning some of the excesses and features, including the two raised intersections within a block of each other.

On the survey, residents are asked whether they strongly agree, agree, neither agree or disagree, disagree or strongly disagree with the rain gardens and raised intersections plus whether they are very satisfied, somewhat satisfied, neither satisfied nor dissatisfied, somewhat dissatisfied or very dissatisfied with the landscaping.

It goes on to ask about whether the completed project met expectations and whether there was sufficient community involvement and consultation during the planning stages.

Those who don’t have physical copies of the survey can complete it online at