Charred remains of Waynes Road home becomes visible in the sunlight.  (Photo by Don Bodger)

Charred remains of Waynes Road home becomes visible in the sunlight. (Photo by Don Bodger)

Community rallying with donations for family

Clothing items much appreciated for survivors of Chemainus house fire

Members of the family burned out of their home last Monday are living in temporary quarters at a community building next to the site of the Waynes Road fire in Chemainus.

The family spent a few days at a motel before relocating and will remain there over Christmas before determining its next move.

Meantime, the donations that have been pouring in are much appreciated, considering there was nothing left of their possessions and they literally escaped the fire with just the clothes on their backs.

“It has been very generous, people that have been giving us stuff,” said Tammy Gibson, mom of fire victim Amanda.

The primary donations have been clothing, but “they need bedding, blankets, sheets, pillowcases,” she added.

For the items that didn’t fit any of them, “we sent a bagful of stuff they couldn’t use to the Salvation Army for others,” Gibson indicated.

That ensured nothing went to waste.

For those who’d still like to help with clothing donations and have extra items to spare, here are some specifics for the affected family members:

William Pierre, 50 – size eight shoes, medium shirt.

Amanda Gibson, 48 – extra large tops and coats, size 18 pants, size eight shoes.

Danny Pierre, 23 – size 34 jeans, 10 1/2 shoes, extra large coats and shirts.

Joseph Gibson, 31 – extra large shirts and coats, size 12 shoe, size 36 jeans.

Tammy Pierre, 24 – medium coat and tops, size seven shoe, size 8-9 (medium) pant.

Bruce Elliott – size 34 large jeans, large shirt and coats, size 10 1/2 shoes.

Jacob Minhinnick – large shirts and coats, size 12 shoe, size 34 jeans.

All donations can be made directly to the site at Waynes Road. Additional items not usable will go to the Salvation Army.

It’s obviously been a horrific experience for the family and particularly more distressing at Christmas.

“It’s kind of still hitting everyone,” said Tammy Gibson. “Everyone’s still having a cry here and there. But spirits are high.”

There’s also a GoFundMe page that’s been set up under Amanda Gibson’s House Fire.

Sam Rozell, Amanda’s younger sister, is also taking donations on behalf of the family. She can be contacted at 250-245-8638.