Chemainus community events need continued support

Chemainus community events need continued support

Residents need to make sure they aren’t complacent and attend activities of interest

Chemainus truly offers something for all tastes and ages.

St. Michael’s Church was packed for Sunday’s Stylus Fantasticus concert that opened the Chemainus Classical Concerts series for 2017-18. It was great to see so many people getting out to enjoy the Baroque music presented by three musicians with amazing talents.

This caters mainly to an older audience, of course, but without the support of the community, these types of high-quality presentations could not be offered.

At the other end of the spectrum is the Chemainus Business Improvement Association’s Halloween event coming up Saturday, Oct. 28 at Waterwheel Park.

This one’s mainly for the kids, but it’s really a coming together of families for a special event.

Again, a lot of work goes into this by organizers and what they need is interest from the public that they’d like these types of ventures to continue.

The moment attendance wanes or the turnout drops it puts these and other community friendly activities and concerts in jeopardy. We’ve written about the Chemainus Valley Cultural Arts Society’s significant contributions before and there are so many things offered in this small town for entertainment and enjoyment to make larger centres jealous.

Ladysmith may have its annual Festival of Lights in late November where a huge crowd is guaranteed every time. But Chemainus has a multitude of things happening around special occasions.

The point is there’s a lot going on in Chemainus and no one can say “there’s nothing to do.”

But participation is the key. Residents need to take it upon themselves to select those events that interest them and be sure to make an appearance.