Challenging time ahead to beat virus

Shutting down the economy a drastic step that no one saw coming

Shutdown goes far and wide

COVID-19 response makes you wonder what lies ahead

EDITORIAL: Communities have a right to know when COVID-19 arrives locally

This week, the Comox Valley Record published two articles regarding the novel…

Toilet paper not a primary need

More diligence needed in every community to inform residents about COVID-19

Drugs and crime creating havoc

People fed up with the lack of action on dealing with society’s ills

Opioid crisis numbers still high

Drop from a year ago not enough so more needs to be done

Victoria News Update
ShowBiz Minute: Efron, Gilbert, Box Office
Stranger Things 3 breaks record on Netflix
Mass funerals begin after deadly Sri Lanka attacks

Tax rate hikes keep accelerating

Decision to hire an assistant fire chief after previously rejecting it not a good idea

Robinson the epitome of basketball work ethic

Small-town phenom made it big with a determination that was second to none

Justice sought against thieves

Many solutions proposed, but practical applications must prevail

It’s about time for action on crime

Communities at risk everywhere until there’s harsher punishments

Volunteer spirit important factor

Communities this size rely on dedicated people to keep organizations functioning

What will finally be enough to wake up the world to climate change?

How many photos and videos of disasters will it take before we stop wasting time?

Tech world all about gimmicks

It’s going from bad to worse with things like slo-motion selfies

Holiday accidents far too abundant

Is anyone paying attention to the constant messages issued?

Editorial: A time of giving

There’s a lot of good out there

  • Dec 24, 2019

Planning ahead now a necessity

Don’t be left in the cold from lack of preparation

Support for strikers keeping the faith

Donations making a difference as labour dispute drags on

Population increase a disaster to the climate

Impact of more people weighs heavily on the Earth

Balancing act on traffic stops

Alternating directions more quickly should be implemented on Chemainus Road

Brainless drivers ignoring bus lights, signs

Consequences still need to be harsher for offenses