Chemainus Communities In Bloom.

Crops grow just as well in the fall as spring

Good time for second round of spinach, Swiss chard, broccoli and kale

August was a month to remember with drought, forest fires and relentless heat. Labour Day is Sept. 6 this year. Autumn is only 26 days away. Where did the summer go?

Labour Day would be a good time to start your second round of spinach, Swiss chard, broccoli and kale. Crops grow just as well in the fall as in spring.

Thanks go out to all our volunteers who have kept the town alive with colour and who turn up for the ongoing weeding sessions. Also a thank you to Jemico Enterprises for a donation of mulch that was used on Croft Street.


• Rake up leaves, twigs and fallen fruit from apple trees and dispose in the garbage to control apple scab disease and discourage bears and deer

• Continue to feed and water container plants to keep the blooms blooming. Stop fertilizing perennials

• Pick up large pots of ‘mums’ to replace summer colour

• Prune summer flowering heathers

• Prune climbing roses, wisteria and grapes

• Pull up tomato plants at the end of the month. Unripened fruit will ripen indoors

• Harvest potatoes when the tops die down

• Cut back dahlias, halfway, and water copiously for fall flowers

• Divide spring flowering perennials

• Pot up chives, parsley and other herbs to extend the growing season to the house

• Prune evergreens now or wait until April, minimize watering

• Bring house plants inside that have summered outdoors

• Apply lime to lawns before grass gets sour and moss sets in

• Plant spring bulbs as soon as the summer flowers are over – refresh soil

• Plant pansies, forget-me-nots and wallflowers over bulbs to flower with them in the spring


… the flower of the month is the Aster – a symbol of daintiness?

… that acid soil makes strawberries more flavourful?

… planting bulbs slightly deeper than recommended keeps squirrels from eating them?

… that seeds collected from your flowers may not grow true to colour or variety?

… fall is the time to plant garlic?


This perennial plant has lilac blue daisy-like flowers from late summer until fall. This late flowering aster is a great choice for the back of a border. Enjoys sun or partial shade – do not overwater. Propagate by division in the early spring or late autumn.

AND – did you hear about the two flowers who went on a date? It’s a budding romance.

Chemainus Communities in Bloom meets on the third Tuesday of the month, 7 p.m. at the Chemainus Legion (upstairs). Newcomers always welcome.