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Clippings from holly and evergreens good for wreaths

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Climate change is here. Our hearts go out to those who have been affected by this terrible atmospheric river and the devastation it has caused. Those of us on dry land need to count our blessings and lend a hand when required.

Only 26 days until the first day of winter and 30 days until Christmas. Quick and easy decoration – place a string of mini lights in a transparent vase with a heavy base and add shiny balls that will reflect the lights.

We Dig – Do It Now Tips

• Time to prune peach trees and begin spraying fruit trees with dormant oil

• Plant successive winter flowering heathers to give winter colour

• Plant Windsor beans and found seeded peas for early vegetables

• If grass gets too long due to mild weather, cut it and apply lime

• Watch for wet areas in your lawn and apply coarse sand

• Remove dead leaves from your lawn

• Keep off the lawn when it is covered with frost or snow

• Cut back hardy chrysanthemums as soon as flowers are over

• When buying a live Christmas tree, remember that the trees traditionally sold grow very large in time. If you have a small garden ask for a tree that stays small.

• Lightly prune holly and evergreens and use clippings for wreaths

• Expensive ceramic pots should be emptied and brought inside as they crack with frost

• Consider putting packets of seeds from special plants in your garden into cards for gardening friends

• Have you drained and put away your hoses? Turned off the taps and sprinkler systems?


… the flower of the month is the paper white narcissus, meaning formality?

… Canadians consume 5.8 million litres of eggnog during the Christmas season?

… there is a Christmas radish – white with green shoulders and a red centre? three inches in diameter – crisp, mild and sweet?

PICK OF THE MONTH – Amaryllis belladonna – a native of South Africa

The Amaryllis tells the story of caring people who pull together to support families. The flower of hope. A fast growing bulb when planted indoors. Its flowers appear first, one or sometimes two stems, reaching a foot high, each with four trumpet-shaped blooms. The leaves are dark green and appear after the flowering. They need sun, water and some mild feeding. They create the energy for the next year.

AND … Question – which of Santa’s reindeer has the worst manners? Answer – RUDE-OLPH !!! of course.

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