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Canada’s Military Presence

Statistics pertaining to the battlefield
The cenotaph in Memorial Park contains names of those from the community who have served during past wars. (Summerland Review file photo)

The Canadian military has had a strong presence in various wars and peacekeeping efforts over the years.

South Africa War


• Approximately 7,000 Canadians served.

• 267 died in action.

First World War


• 628,736 Canadians served.

• 66,573 died in action.

• 138,116 were wounded.

• 2,818 Canadians were taken prisoner of war.

• 175 merchant seamen died as a result of enemy action.

Second World War


• 1,031,902 men and 49,963 women served.

• 44,927 died in action.

• 53,145 were wounded.

• 8,271 were taken prisoner of war.

• 1,146 merchant seamen died as a result of enemy action.



• 26,891 Canadians served.

• 516 died.

• 1,588 were wounded.

• 33 were taken prisoner of war.

First Gulf War


• 3,837 men and 237 women served.

• There were no Canadian casualties.

• No Canadians were taken prisoner of war.



• More than 40,000 Canadian soldiers served.

• A total of 158 Canadian soldiers were killed while on duty in Afghanistan.

• More than 1,800 were injured.

• Two non-military Canadians died as a result of the conflict.



• More than 125,000 Canadians have served in various peacekeeping missions since 1947. These have included Afghanistan, the Balkans, Cambodia, Congo, Cyprus, East Timor, Egypt, Ethiopia and Eritrea, Haiti, Rwanda, Somalia and Syria.

• Around 130 Canadians have died during peacekeeping service around the world.

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