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All general plantings of flowers, veggies and new perennials take place in May

A regular report from Communities In Bloom

A taste of summer in April! What a treat! Will we get another taste in May?

Communities in Bloom has had its first Zoom meeting. Plants have been ordered and planting dates will be posted on Facebook. We need new members. Please call Diane at 250-210-0396 if you are interested in joining us. Changes have been made at the Henry Road traffic circle. The Berberis has been removed and replaced with Heavenly Bamboo. The overgrown existing grasses are replaced with a new grass called Karl Foerster.

Mother’s Day is May 9 – perhaps buy her a garden gift – and Victoria Day is May 24, another excuse to pick up something special for your garden. Keep an eye out for our members working around town. Come and join us.


• Divide primroses

• All general plantings take place this month: flowers, veggies and new perennials

• Clean up and fertilize rhodos and azaleas after flowering

• Plant up your hanging baskets, patio tubs and planters

• Colour your hydrangeas – saltpeter for pink, alum for blue

• Use straw as a mulch along strawberry rows

• Lawns are growing fast – feed a little but often – a thick turf needs less water

• Spread wood ash around daphne, lilac, clematis, roses

• Lightly cut back early blooming perennials after flowering

• Keep the slugs at bay: egg shells and seaweed

• Be prepared to cover tender plants at night if there is a cold spell


…… the flower of the month is the Lily of the Valley? Meaning sweetness and humility?

……. plants really do respond to sound?

…… to attract bees plant fragrant flowers?

…… Rhubarb is one of the most widely used herbs in Chinese medicine?

…… Rhodos planted in 1889 in Beacon Hill Park (Victoria) are still flowering today?

…… cut off chive flowers to encourage new growth?


Heavenly Bamboo – Nandina domestica. Native to Asia – a lovely evergreen shrub with white flowers in July, followed by red fruits. The berries contain cyanide and are toxic to all animals.


Here are a few edible flowers you might want to bring into your kitchen. Violets, Hibiscus, Roses, Pansies, Dandelions, Marigolds, Lavender, Nasturtiums, Lilac. Make sure they have not been treated with pesticide. For fun put some petals in your ice cube trays before adding water and freezing. Enjoy your summer iced drinks.

AND …… what new crop did the gardener plant? Beets me !!!

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